Awesome Post-It Note Art to Inspire Your Next Office Mural

in 1968, a scientist at 3M attempted to create a super strong adhesive as part of a new line. Instead, he created one of the most successful accidents in office supply history. Everybody loves Post-Its and it was thanks to an experiment gone wrong that they are here today. In order to create anything new, it takes creativity and an ability to think outside the box. It also takes being able to see simple things in a different way.

Post-It notes aren’t just a favorite around the office. They’re also a favorite amongst artists and visionaries. With hundreds of colors, sizes and shapes available, it’s no wonder artists love them. Their impermanence is also an added element artists tend to love when making a statement. We scoured the internet to show you some of the most fun, impressive and moving Post-It note art out there.

In the Office

In The Galleries

On The Streets